Types Of Paint And Finish

Paint can give your home a fresh look and protect surfaces. It comes in different types and finish. Before you consider tackling a painting project, it is important that surfaces are prepared. Eggshell, semi-gloss, flat and gloss are the general categories of most paints. More often than not, primer or first coat is applied on the surface that needs to be painted.

Finish Coats

Eggshell: This type of paint has a slight sheen, but the degree of sheen may vary between manufacturers. Eggshell is often applied on interior wood surfaces and it can be a great substitute for semi-gloss. Always check with the manufacturer if the paint can be used on exterior surfaces. This is also considered a hard-wearing finish that is easy to clean. Before applying eggshell on the surface, primer and first coat must be applied.

Flat: Flat is a versatile paint type that is latex-based. It is applied on ceilings and walls. This paint type comes in various types of finish: matt, dead-flat matt, water-based eggshell and silk. Some types of flat paint contain vinyl for a hardwearing surface. You can also use this paint type on siding materials. Apply as many coats for even coverage. If applied using a sprayer, flat must be diluted with 10 percent water.

Gloss and Satin: This paint type is mainly used on metal and wooden surfaces and it is considered a very hard wearing paint. Unlike gloss, satin is less shiny but a suitable paint type for interior woodwork. Both gloss and satin have solvent-based and latex-based versions. Although latex-based paints are less prone to yellowing and easier to apply, they do not leave a shiny finish as solvent-based paints. There are glosses, which are intended for exposed exterior surfaces only so you have to check the manufacturer’s specification. Gloss provides a shiny finish when applied as a single coat over one or two coats of primer.

Base Coats

Primer: Primer serves as protection for the material beneath and it is often used on new, uncoated surfaces. Its purpose is to provide a good base for further coats. Primers can either be water-based or oil-based. Oil-based paint is the most preferred primer by traditionalists especially on exterior woodwork. For tiles and melamime, there are also special primers that can be purchased.

First Coat: This paint is specially formulated and it is used to build opacity. It is applied for the paint to have even coverage before the decorative finish coat is applied. As a general rule, pale first coat must be used beneath pale finish coats and a dark first coat beneath dark finish coats. Water-based paints can provide an even coverage if it is applied in as many coats as required.

Knowing the types of paint and finish is important in buying paint. Not only will you achieve the kind of result you want but you will also breathe life into your home (or commercial painting project) as you choose the suitable colors. When applying paint, it is important that the correct brushes are used. For primer, first coat and egg shell, a brush, roller or pad must be used. For gloss, metal paint and floor paint (on Wood), use brush. Use a brush, roller, sprayer and pad for flat and use a brush or roller for floor paint (on Concrete).

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