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Painting your home or commercial premises is a big investment. Getting the wrong painter can cost you time and money. That’s why you need GB Painters Brisbane. With over 20 years of experience painting Brisbane homes, offices, shopping centres, unit blocks, schools and more, GB Painters has the experience to make your investment in painting worth every cent.

Why risk having your home painted by an unknown painter, when having the best painters in Brisbane costs no more? GB Painters are house and commercial painters that you can trust.


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Bring your property to life and make it the envy of the neighbourhood with select interior and exterior paints. Whether you’re moving into a new home or sprucing up the one you already own, the right paints can do wonders for any surface. Our colour consultants can guide you in choosing the perfect colour for your home if you haven’t already decided yet.

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Looking for a house painter? You’ve come to the right place. Get a quote now and receive the needed paint help your property needs. You don’t need to worry about the prep as our professionals are trained to inspect areas and address them before applying any coat of paint. Our painters work at any hour convenient for you and your business to minimise schedule interruption as much as possible.

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Need your house painted? You've come to the right place. We have been painting houses around Brisbane for years and have a great reputation. We're looking forward to painting your house beautifully.

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It’s not just about the paint. You want your interior and exterior painting to look great! We want your paintwork to look great too and can provide you with free advice about how to use colours and other effects to get stunning painting results.


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Many Brisbane businesses have used us to paint their commercial buildings over the years. When choosing GB Painters, you are choosing a reputable painting company that always delivers high-quality work.

We Use Premium Paints & Materials to Ensure a Long-Lasting and Flawless Finish

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Have you built a new home or commercial building? It’s a given that newly built places need to be painted. It’s important to get the proper primer and first coats to protect any surface area especially if it hasn’t been painted before. Having anything properly painted the first time will keep any surface area looking great for a very long time. It’s amazing what paint can do when transforming an area. Anything old-looking can be made to look brand new again. If there are rooms or areas that are prone to heavy human traffic, it’s easy for those areas to start getting scuffed or damaged. Repainting every so often can keep those areas clean looking and any dents in the walls can be fixed by the painters before putting in the new coats of paint.

The right paints can make any house or building beautiful inside and out. If the neighbourhood requires that any buildings in the area must look a certain way, we can find the right paints that will meet the requirements of the neighbourhood. If you are able to choose unique colours to help cement your company brand, our colour consultants will be able to find or mix the right paints that match what you’re looking for.


The exterior of residential and commercial buildings is also exposed to the elements like the hot sun, humidity, cold rains, strong winds, and sometimes snow and very cold temperatures. Over its natural lifetime, the binders in paint products eventually breaks down leading to cracking and peeling of paint. When moisture gets through the paint and into the material that the exterior is made of, it can wreak havoc on your outside wall with mildew or mould. Getting the exterior repainted right can provide a degree of protection for the exterior surface of your home or commercial building. It can give needed support for the exterior to last longer even though facing duress from the elements.


Paints have expirations dates too. After a few good years, time takes its toll on paint and wears down its protective elements and beauty. Repainting areas just needs to be done every few years because even good paints don’t last especially if it takes a good beating from the elements.


After a few years, the exterior and interior paints can fade if exposed to the sun a lot. The once bright and shiny look you had outside or inside can become dull and lack the lustre it used to have. Find modern trends that you like or have a colour consult to learn of the best new paints available on the market with the latest and greatest in paint technology. If you’re fine with just lasting paint and not the latest trends, the colour consultant can also aid you in finding colours that will transcend trends and stand the test of time in looks and in durability.

Don’t be afraid to try new colours and colour combinations. Of course, it’s important to try samples to make sure you’ll be happy with it. What many people don’t do and should is to first buy a small sample of the paint in the colour they prefer. You can paint a small area with it and see if it will work rather than buy a lot of that paint colour, painting it, then finding it doesn’t work and you’re left with a lot of paint that you’re not happy with. It leaves the guesswork out of choosing colour.


Interior walls, trim, and the exterior of a home can receive a lot of scratches, dents, and other marks that are hard to remove by just wiping it off. Repainting any area can give you a chance to inspect closely the interior and exterior elements of your home so you can spot any vulnerabilities like damaged or missing pieces on the outside or inside walls. It’s definitely wise to repair any minor damage like rotted wood before painting or repainting an area as it can prevent bigger damage which will cost a lot more to fix down the road. If you don’t do repairs and paint over damaged or moulded areas, this can lead to major damage and hazards to you and your family’s health.


If you’re looking to sell your home or office space, you’re more likely to have a lot of people look at it and have higher chances of selling it after having it repainted to look beautiful and brand new. If a home or building looks good, the likelihood of it selling increases.

The right colour choice can also influence buyers. Choose colours that are not too over-the-top and stick with neutrals when painting a home or building to be sold. If you really want bold colours, have it in small doses like in accent areas.


It’s a fact that painting a building or a home can make a big difference in its selling value. The money invested in painting can be worth it when it increases the value of a place by thousands of dollars.

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You don’t need to worry about the prep as our professionals are trained to inspect areas and address them before applying any coat of paint.

Our painters work at any hour convenient for you and your business to minimise schedule interruption as much as possible. You pick the time and we’ll be there.

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