Choosing A Paint Colour Is Part Of Your Decorating Decision

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The color of your home or office says a lot about you or your business. It is considered to be an important element of your decorating decision because it speaks of your home’s personality. Color is everything. It is not just something that breathes life into an empty wall. It is a language. It is a fulfilling element that can capture one’s attention and even change your mood. There is a vast range of colors to choose from and whether you are remodelling a home or painting an office building, it is important that the colors you choose match your personality, taste and preference.

Why choosing the right colors is important?

  • Color is the first thing people notice. When guests walk into a room, the color of your room is the very first thing they will lay their eyes on. Since the color sets the mood, it is important to choose the colors that give voice to your personality.
  • Color has the ability to unify accent pieces.  Your home décor will not be complete without the right color to go with it. It can enhance large areas when bright colors are used. It can also electrify hues, which are inspired by technology.

How to choose the colours for your home?

  • Start from the beginning. It can be overwhelming to determine the right colours that will accentuate your home and the best way to do it is to begin at the beginning. Once you determine the permanent features in the room, you will be able to find out which paint color works best for those features.
  • Focus on your home’s most attractive architectural feature. Does your home have arched window treatments or crown molding? You need to emphasize these features by using contrasting paint. Use paint color that is darker or lighter than the wall and a glossy finish works well too. When you paint one wall a different color, it also becomes an accent. You may also touch it up with a border or wallpaper.
  • Know which feature to emphasise and minimise. Colors can make wonders to your home’s certain features. If you have long narrow room, it can look wider if you consider using a slightly darker color. Red, orange, brown and gold can give your room a more intimate feel while blue, green and violet make a small room larger.
  • Be aware of light sources.  Colors may look different due to light sources. Incandescent lights have a huge influence on the color and before you choose a paint color, you should know various different light sources. The color to choose should also match the pace of your day.

Choosing a paint color to achieve your decorating goals can be fun and challenging at the same time. Aside from selecting the colors that are suitable for your home, you should also select the kind of finish that will highlight your home’s best features. While there are endless choices, you can still narrow down your selection by analysing your home’s design and the result you want to achieve. We recommend using a professional painter though!

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