Latex Versus Oil Based Paint: Which One Is Better?

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Renovating or building a home or office will not be complete without painting the interior and exterior part of your building. There are different types of finishes and paints that can either be water based or oil based. Slow drying paints are made with oil and fast drying paints are made with water such as latex or acrylic paints. When painting interior of homes or large surfaces, latex paints are the way to go. On the other hand if you want wood and metals painted, oil-based paints are the suitable option.

Latex Paints

Latex paints are a mixture of acrylic polymer and water. This type of paint suits areas exposed to heat and cold. Since it only contains water, mildew will not be a cause for concern. Latex paint does not require priming and it is easy to use. Water-based paints can also be used with other materials such as pen, pastel and charcoal. These paints come in a glossy and matt finish. Although latex paints are longer to cure and may be prone to stains, cleaning is easy. Soap and water take care of stains.

One of the interesting benefits of using latex-based paints is that it can readily accommodate every surface. Latex provides smooth applications and it is less toxic. It does not also require ventilation when it is applied indoors. To some, latex paints offer a vast range of options.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints have linseed oil, a thinner and pigment. This is why the paint is thicker than water-based paints. It is also more prone to mildew. Oil-based paints may have bubbles so stirring is required. Since this paint is thicker than water-based paints, one coat can be applied at a time. Although oil based paints only require one coat, it needs care. Oil-based paints are suitable for areas more prone to stains such as the bathroom and kitchen. Unlike latex paints, oil-based paints are not versatile. If you want durable and stain-resistant paint, oil-based paint is a great option.

For surfaces that have been previously coated with oil paint, painters prefer to apply oil based paints as well. If you want to save on preparation time on exterior surfaces, oil-based paints are going to help you achieve the goal. This paint also suits high traffic areas such as bathroom baseboards because it can resist staining. When it comes to mold and mildew, oil-based paints are not resistant.

The smell of the paint is the most obvious difference you will notice right off the bat. For those who do not like the strong smell of oil based paints, latex paints are a better alternative. However, if you would like to achieve a nicer finish, an oil based material is a great choice. If you want to paint commercial buildings, then the smell could affect customers.

If you are painting an area, which is exposed to the sun, oil based paints hold up well. For oil based finishes, they work well on interior projects. Less time is needed for oil based paints because they show nice results in just a few strokes. For new walls, latex paints work well. If you want your walls repainted, oil based paint must be used.

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