What Are The Tools You Need For A Basic Paint Job?

Proper painting tools are important when touching up a wall or remodeling your room. When you have the right tools, it will be easier for you to get quality results and you can also be sure that the project will last longer. Before you start a painting job, you need to prepare the following tools.


When it comes to choosing paintbrushes, you need to be keen on quality because paintbrushes are not created equal. When you choose a quality paintbrush, the paint is applied in a smoother and thicker coat. As a result, the paint will have uniform sheen and color. Choosing low quality brushes can also affect the paint finish as they leave thin spots and ridges in the paint. Low quality brushes tend to collect dirt and mildew causing the paint to flake, peel away or crack once it dries.  A quality paintbrush has flexible and flagged bristles and its end is tapered with shorter bristles on the sides and longer ones in the center. The paint is also distributed smoothly and evenly with this paint.

Paint Rollers

Aside from paintbrushes, you will also need paint rollers for your project and you need to choose a roller that is not too heavy and that allows you to grip comfortably. You can easily paint the walls, floors and ceilings if you are going to choose a paint roller with a screw-in extension. A paint roller has roller reusable sleeves and it is recommended that you have a few extra roller sleeves as they tend to deteriorate after a couple of washes.

Aside from paint rollers and paint brushes, you will also need protective goggles so you can keep your eyes safe from dripping or spilled paint. You can also use a painter’s cap as an alternative and to save yourself from scrubbing your skin, you can also use disposable gloves.

You will also need a ladder that can help you reach ceiling edges and corners. Choose a sturdy ladder or stepstool that can provide you ample protection. Avoid standing on chairs or boxes to prevent accidents as they are not strong enough to handle body weight or movement. You will also need a roller tray so you can get a smooth layer of paint when using a paint roller. A tray which includes a well at one end to hold the paint, and a ridge surface will give you hassle-free paint job. You will also need a putty knife, drop cloths, stirring sticks and spackling compound.

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