Three Things To Remember When Starting A Paint Project

When starting a paint project, you need to make sure that you have made ample paint preparation. Here is what you need to know about paint preparation:

1. The weather can impact paint application

Avoid painting your walls on an extremely cold day or extremely hot day because temperature can also affect the drying time of your paint, durability and consistency. If you are going to apply paint under cold conditions, it can extend the paint’s drying time or may not dry at all. However, hot weather conditions have an opposite effect because it can cause paint to dry rapidly. When the pain dries rapidly, it can increase the risk of developing blistering, flaking and imperfections. You will also decrease the paint durability if it has not dried correctly. Before starting a paint project, always consider the temperature. You should also take note of the types of paint you apply because the effect may also vary under different conditions. Make sure you read the label on your paint before starting a paint project so you will when you should or should not apply the paint.

2. Extension poles are better than ladders

Using an extension pole is more efficient as compared to using a ladder when painting. It gives a more professional result and it is also safer. Extension poles gives you flexibility as you can see where you are painting and what your paint job looks like. Use the roller on the surface area as much as possible to keep the paint application’s consistency. Aside from roller, you will also need to use a brush and ladder so you can apply paint into the surface area around doors, trimmings and windows. However, paint brush must only be used to this part only.

3. Bleach cannot remove mould

It is necessary to remove mould before you paint the walls because if you ignore the mould and simply paint over it, it will resurface in a short period of time. You might attempt to use bleach in killing mould but this will not have any effect because it only temporarily removes the mould but not the spores. If you want to effectively remove any mould, it is recommended that you speak to a professional. This way, you will be pointed in the right direction so you can remove mould correctly. Once the mould is removed, you need to clean the surface area with soap so it will be easy for you to apply paint. the paint’s overall appearance will be much better if the surface is clean. You will need to choose the right paint so you can prevent mould from coming back. You can purchase paint with anti-mould formula and these are formulated with anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties.

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