All You Need To Know Before Your Next Paint Project

You will know when a paint job is not done correctly when you see signs of imperfections such as offensive odors and poor adhesion. For your next paint project, make sure you have made ample preparations so you can get the result you expect. This means you should equip yourself with knowledge by understanding the paint you need for your project and the qualities you should look for in a professional painting contractor. Doing paint jobs the wrong way is indeed a costly mistake because it can create bad impressions, lose productivity and even cost you a lot of money as you need to redo the paint.

Water-Based or Oil-Based Paint?

Picking paint can be a tricky process and it begins with choosing between oil-based and water-based paints. More often than not, people prefer oil-based paints because of its toughness and the drying process is done through oxidation. On the other hand, water-based paints dry by evaporation. The reason oil-based paints are most preferred is due to its advantages. While oil-based paints take longer to dry, it can withstand the degenerative effects of air and water.

This is why if you are looking for long lasting paints, oil-based paints are the way to go. However, oil-based paints are decreasing in popularity because it contains volatile organic compounds. Unlike oil-based paints, water-based paints do not use solvents. Its carrier is primarily water. The beauty of latex or water-based paints is that it has faster drying time. It also has minimal odor and can be thinned with water.

Paint Finish: Flat Enamel, Eggshell, Matte, Satin, Gloss, Semi-gloss

The paint finish is also another factor you need to take into consideration for your next paint project. It reveals how the paint reflect light once the paint dries. However, special painting techniques may also be used for a completely different finish. When choosing the type of finish, you need to consider the type of surface you are going to paint as there are certain finishes that only work well for certain rooms.

Professional Painting Contractor: Reputation, Experience, Communication, Qualifications

Your paint project will not be complete without hiring a professional painting contractor. While there are plenty of choices to consider, not all of them can deliver a satisfactory job. By setting some criteria, you will be able to narrow down your selection and get only the best people for the job. There are some qualities that a painting contractor must possess to qualify for the service.

These qualities include reputation, experience and communication. A painting contractor must have a good reputation as this is an indicator of the contractor’s workmanship. Experience is also an important factor as this will help you determine the number of painting jobs they have tackled in the past. Communication will also be a determining factor because a reliable and trusted contractor should be transparent and open.

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