Your Guide To A Quick Paint Job

Does your house need a makeover but you don’t have a lot of time? If you’re sick and tired of the same old paint colours in your home or are looking to impress visitors with a different look in your home, a quick paint job can give your home the facelift it needs. Can you get a paint job done really fast though you’re not a professional painter? Yes you can with the help of these professional painting tips.

The Right Start

The trick to being quick is good preparation. Have the materials you need for prepping and painting beforehand. Have an oscillating fan handy and the windows open for good ventilation and faster drying for after painting. Choose your colours and sheens and buy your paints, brushes, rolls, pans, and extensions beforehand. Have an A-frame ladder ready if you can’t reach certain areas you need to paint.

Quickly vacuum or sweep the area that will be painted. Here’s to hoping there are no damages to the walls that need to be fixed first before painting. If you do have holes in the walls, get a cement putty mix and plaster the holes. When dry, you can sand the plaster down to be flush with the wall so you can get an even paint job and the hole is gone. Once clean, you can tape off the edges of the area that needs to be painted with painter’s tape. Painting can be messy, so taping a border off will leave you with clean lines and less wiping of stray splashes. Make sure you have a drop cloth to catch the paint drips that go on the floor. Don’t forget to move your furniture away from areas where you’ll be painting or cover furniture that cannot be moved so you can protect it from paint splashes.

Painting Direction

Whatever the painting project, it’s best to start from top to bottom. If you’re painting a whole room, starting with the ceiling is best as paint tends to drip down. If you’ve already done the walls and are going to paint the ceiling next, you run the high risk of splattering and dripping all over the walls. So always start with the ceiling first. If you have no choice and are only painting the ceilings and not the walls, protect the walls with a plastic liner or thick cloth that stray paint splatters will not seep through.


For ceilings or walls, it’s best to start by first cutting in the corners and painting the hard-to-reach places first. A brush with an angle is best for cutting in angled areas and corners.


The final step is rolling paint on the larger surface areas. For a really quick paint job, buy a higher quality paint that boasts only one coat needed. At first it might not look good just with one coat but when it dries you’ll see how good the coverage really is. You can choose a water-based paint as well if you want a quicker-drying paint. Of course, make sure the base paint over top of which you’ll be painting is also water-based.

Turn on a fan and open the windows and doors and before you know it, the paint is dry and you can start rearranging the room for use. If you really don’t have time to paint your house, leave it to professionals like GB painters to get the job done beautifully and in good time.

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